How do I edit my notification settings for a Workplace group?

To edit your notification settings for a group, go to a group and click in the top right.
From here, you can choose:
  • All Posts: You'll get notifications any time members post in the group.
  • Highlights: You'll get notifications for suggested posts, or posts with lots of likes and comments, as well as coworkers' posts or posts from people you follow.
  • Off: You won't get notifications when members post.
  • If the group is a Teams & Projects group, you'll have the option to mute the chat.
You can also edit notification settings for a group by clicking Settings from your profile and then selecting Notifications > Group activity.
Note: If a group reaches 250 members or more, its notification settings will be set to Highlights by default. Individual members of the group can still change their own notification settings. If the group type is Announcement, however, its default notification settings will be All Posts, irrespective of whether or not the group has more or less than 250 members.
Learn more about notifications on Workplace.
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