Making a post

Make posts on Workplace to let your coworkers know what you're working on. Users can create polls, save their posts as drafts, as well as schedule posts.

When you share something from your Workplace account, you can share it to a group or to your Timeline. When you share something to a group, your post may show up on your Timeline, depending on the privacy settings of the group.
If you share something with everyone at your company, anyone with a Workplace account at your company can see it. Nothing you share on Workplace is visible to people outside of your company.
If your company is using Workplace Advanced, the admins who manage Workplace at the company can access anything you share from your Workplace account, just as they might access your work emails and other work files.
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To edit a post you've shared:
  1. Click in the top right of your post.
  2. Click Edit Post.
  3. Make your changes and then click Save.
If you've added photos as part of your post, you can also delete a photo without deleting the entire post:
  1. Click in the top right of your post.
  2. Click Edit Post.
  3. Hover over the photos you'd like to delete and click x in the top right.
  4. Click Save.
Keep in mind that you won't be able to delete photos from a post you've shared from a third-party app. You also won't be able to upload files or change files that you've already uploaded after you've published your post.
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In the new Workplace web experience, the width of your News Feed will adjust depending on the size of your browser window. Large browser windows can view more content and have less empty space.
To prevent individual posts on your feed from becoming very long, we resize images to have a maximum height. This means that sometimes images will not extend to fill all of the available space. When this happens, colored bars are used to improve the presentation of the empty space to the left and right of the image.
These bars are based on the overall color of the image - if the image is dark you will see dark bars and if the image is light you will see lighter bars.
What image ratio should I use?
There is no perfect image ratio to avoid color bars. We recommend horizontal images with a 3:2 aspect ratio or wider. This will minimize bars for the maximum number of screen resolutions.
Horizontal Post: 1200 x 630 px:
Vertical Post: 1000 x 1300 px:
Square post: 800 x 800 px:
Notes cover: 2048 x 758 px:
Ongoing work to improve the experience
To minimize distraction when browsers resize and provide the best image preview experience, we are working on alternative layout options and background treatments.
We are also working on making the feed narrower when browser height is reduced. This would mean that full images can be shown without the color bars in the resized narrower feed.
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To tag a coworker or group in a comment or post:
  1. Go to the composer.
  2. Press "@" on your keyboard and start typing your coworker's name, or the name of the group you want to tag.
  3. As you're typing, a list will appear to suggest relevant names.
  4. Select the coworker or group from the list that appears as you type.
When you tag a coworker their name appears as a blue link, which clicks through to their profile. It will also send them a notification so they can stay up-to-date on the conversation.
Removing a tag
To remove a tagged coworker from a post you've created, you can edit the post to remove their name. To remove a coworker from a comment:
  • You can delete the comment
  • Edit your comment to remove their name
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You can only compose formatted posts with markdown from a computer. You'll need to have the latest version of the Workplace app for iOS and Android to view formatted posts on your mobile device.
To add formatting with Markdown to a group post:
  1. From your News Feed, click the comment composer and create a post.
  2. Select a group to post to and click Format with Markdown.
  3. Click Formatting Help to view the formatting options in the table below, then format your post. You'll see a preview how the finished post will look as you type it.
  4. Click Post when done.
Bold **text**
Italics *text*
List- item
Link [title](
Numbered list 1. first item
Quote> quote
H1 # Heading
H2 ## Heading
Inline code`code` // your code here
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You can only compose formatted posts from a computer. You'll need to have the latest version of the Workplace app for iOS and Android to view formatted posts on your mobile device.
Formatting posts in groups can help you structure and highlight your content in the following ways:
  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Headers
  • Quotations
  • Embedded links
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
To format a group post:
  1. Hover over in the top left of your post.
  2. Format your post by using the options in the list above. You can insert embedded links or use bold or italics on your text by highlighting the words you'd like to format and clicking on the desired option.
  3. Click Post.
You can also format your posts using markdown.
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You can create a post in a group and schedule it for publication in the future. Scheduling times correspond to your current time zone.
Schedule a Post
To schedule a post:
  1. Visit the group you would like to post in.
  2. Open the post composer and write your post.
  3. When your post is ready, click Schedule Post.
  4. Choose a date and time in the future when you want your post to be published.
  5. Click Schedule.
Manage Scheduled Posts
To reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post:
  1. Go to the group where your post is scheduled to be posted.
  2. Beneath the post composer, you will see the Scheduled posts heading and the number of posts you currently have scheduled in that group.
  3. Click See posts.
  4. You'll see a list of all your scheduled posts for that group. Choose to Post now or Reschedule post.
  5. Alternatively, click and Edit post to make changes to your content or Delete post to remove it.
Note: You can schedule a post to be shared between 30 minutes and one month from when you create the post.
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To write multilingual posts on Workplace, you need to turn the multilingual option on and to be logged into Workplace from your computer.
To turn multilingual posts on:
  1. From your profile, click Settings > Language.
  2. Click Edit on Multilingual Posts, select Write posts in more than one language and then click Save Changes.
To write multilingual posts:
  1. Start writing your post.
  2. To write the post in another language, click Write post in another language.
  3. Next to Language, click Select, then type to search which language you'd like to type in.
  4. Write in your requested language in the new section of your post.
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Action Item posts can be created by any user. You can add Action Items to your posts to effectively communicate follow-ups from meetings or as to-do lists for members of your team.
To create an Action Items post:
  1. Go to the group you'd like to make the post in and click on the Composer.
  2. Select Action Items.
  3. Write something about your list and add your action item.
  4. To add more action items, press Return on your keyboard.
  5. You can tag colleagues with an @ mention.
Only the user that posted can edit the post, but action items can be ticked off by anyone within the group.

If you create an action items post, you will be notified when each action is marked as done or undone. If you are tagged next to an action item, you will be notified when the action item has been posted. Once you have ticked off the item associated with your tag, you will no longer receive notifications.
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Some topic features are currently in beta and may not be available on your Workplace:
  • Adding topics to a post using a hashtag (#).
  • Searching for topics globally across seperate groups and multi-company groups.
  • Topic suggestions within the post composer.
Visit the What's New section of your Admin Panel to find out more about new and upcoming Workplace features.
Topics are used to group posts that are related. This helps to keep content in groups organized and makes it easier for you to find related posts from across your whole organization.
To make a topic, type # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post. For example:
Tina has just joined the team! #NewHire.
Topics will also be suggested to you based on the content of your post. Topics pinned by the group admin will show first in the list of suggestions
Browsing topics
When you click on a topic in your News Feed, you’ll see a list of posts that include that topic. These posts can come from any of the groups which you have access to on Workplace.
If you want to search topics within a specific group, you can use the search bar below that group’s cover image or click a topic attached to a post. Alternatively, you can click on any of the topics listed under a group’s Topics In This Group section or click Topics underneath the group’s cover image.
Topic tips
  • A topic must be written without any spaces.
  • You can include numbers in a topic, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) won't work.
  • You can search for a topic using the search bar at the top of any page.
  • You'll only see posts that you have access to view. Posts from closed or secret groups which you are not a member of will not be included.
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Seen by is a post metric that counts the number of people who've viewed a post. It's displayed at the bottom right corner of a post within a group. When you hover over the Seen by count, a list of the people who've viewed the post appears.
For Closed and Secret groups, the list of people will be limited to group members. The Seen by count will not exceed the group members count unless members are leaving the group after viewing a post.
For Open groups, the list of individuals can include anyone from within your organization and the Seen by count can exceed the group members count.
Note: To view the Seen by count on a post, you will need to view the post within a group. The metric won't be displayed if you view the post in News Feed (but viewing the post in News Feed will still contribute to the Seen By count).
Workplace Live videos
While a Workplace Live broadcast is in progress, the number of viewers can be seen in the top left of the video frame.
Once the broadcast has ended, the Seen by metric will start counting the number of unique people who watched the replay. This count will start from zero.
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Workplace doesn't track your location on an ongoing basis. Location services are only used by Workplace for the Check in feature.
When you choose to Check in at a location from the web, you'll see a list of suggested places. The list of suggested places is produced based on your IP address.
iOS or Android
When you choose to Check in at a location from your iOS or Android device, you'll be asked if you want to enable location services.
If you choose Turn on Location, you'll be asked to give the Workplace app permission to access location services in your iOS or Android phone settings.
When location services are enabled, Workplace will use the location services information to provide locally relevant suggestions to you for the Check in feature.
Note: Location services can be disabled for Workplace at any time from your iOS or Android phone settings. If you don't give location services permissions for the Check in feature, the list of suggested places is produced based on your IP address.
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Achievement posts
You can celebrate team success by creating a special achievement post. Achievement posts are visually distinct from other post types and can feature either an animation, custom image or video.
To create an achievement post:
  1. Select the group you'd like to create the achievement post in.
  2. Click on the composer and select Achievement at the top.
  3. Select one of our animations, upload your own photo or video, or choose not to include any imagery at all.
  4. Add a Title to your post.
  5. Say something about the achievement you're celebrating, or leave this field blank.
  6. Click Post.
Just like a normal post, tagged users will be notified and see the post on their timeline. The post may also appear in group members' News Feeds.
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You can draft your posts on Workplace to edit or publish them at a later time or date.
To draft a post:
  1. Start creating your post from a group.
  2. When you're done drafting your post, click at the bottom right of the post and click Save as draft.
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To edit or publish your draft posts when you're logged into Workplace from your computer:
  1. Go to the group you created your draft post in and click See drafts.
  2. Click the post you'd like to edit or publish.
  3. To edit the draft post, click Edit below the post. To publish the draft post, click Post Now below the draft post.
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Drafts can only be saved in groups. You can not save posts as drafts when you are posting to your own profile.
To find your draft posts from your computer:
  1. Go to the group you created your draft post in.
  2. The number of drafts you've created will appear below the post editor. To access the posts click See drafts.
Note: You can only access your draft posts from the groups you created the posts in.
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To create a poll:
  1. From any group, click Write something in the post composer, then select Poll.
  2. Enter your question and click add option... for each option to enter answers for group members to choose from.
  3. Click Post to share it with the group.
Note: You can allow anyone to add options to the poll. If you'd like to disable that option, click the Poll Options drop-down menu and deselect Allow anyone to add options. You can also prevent people from adding multiple options by deselecting Allow people to choose multiple options.
Keep in mind you can't include URLs in your poll options.
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You can't stop people from adding options to a poll that already exists. If you'd like to create a poll in which nobody can make changes or add options to the poll, deselect Allow anyone to add options when you create the poll.
Learn more about creating polls on Workplace.
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Question and answer
Any member of a group can create a Q&A post. All other members of the group can ask questions and vote on questions.
To create a Q&A:
  1. Go to the group where you want to create a Q&A.
  2. From the composer, click and select Host a Q&A.
  3. You can add a description and photo before you select Post.
When you ask a question on a Q&A post, you will get a notification when the host answers it. There is no time limit on Q&A posts, but the person who posted can still delete the post, as with any other post, or close comments to end the Q&A.
Group members that host Q&As can sort the questions by Most Voted, Answered Questions First, or in Chronological Order.

How do I create a Live Q&A?
You can create a Live Q&A when you go live with Live Producer. Click the toggle next to Host a Q&A.
The audience can vote on questions, meaning that the host can view questions with most voted showing on top.
The host can mark a question as Answering now, which will disable voting for this question and pin it on top. When the host marks a question as Answered, it will be grayed out, with disabled voting and an added timestamp of when the host started answering the question.
After Live, the audience can sort questions by Most voted and Answered.
The audience can click on a time stamp in Answered questions to jump to the exact moment in the video when the host started answering the question.
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